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Throughout the history of Castellamonte a “red thread” has linked generations of potters: this red thread is the clay they have worked with, the natural raw material quarried locally and used to create practical and ornamental items. Roberto Perino and Silvana Neri, the owners of “La Castellamonte“, have many years experience in the high quality, creative craftwork field and, in 2001, attained the Piemontese craftsmen’s mark of excellence “Piemonte Eccellenza Artigiana“. Roberto and Silvana, whilst keeping to many of the traditional working methods, produce high quality innovative handmade products, and recreate and adapt them to the needs of modern life.

The tiled stove wood-burning , produced under the trademark “La Castellamonte“, area combination of experience born of tradition and innovative technology that fully conforms with today’s environmental and safety regulations.
The shapes of the stoves and the colours and charming decorations are ideal in any kind of space whether antique, modern, or even avant-garde furniture is used.
“La Castellamonte” also produces decorative pottery and ornaments, reviving simple, traditional shapes and adapting them to modern and practical uses.
In addition to these traditional objects, the highly skilled craftsmen at “La Castellamonte” also create highly decorative tableware of innovative design, in natural, non-polluting materials.
Another characteristic of the firm is their architectural components in frost-resistant terracotta for indoor and outdoor use, the result of specific technological and artistic research.
Panels, tiles, vases, colonnades, balustrades, chimney pots, tiles and ornamental friezes are available for use in the restoration of old churches and buildings and as the perfect complement to the modern building.

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