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Fiemme 3000 was founded in 1993 by visionary idea of Marco Felicetti, Fulvio Kapeller and Umberto De Marco, an intuition considered out the market for those years: offer a unique, natural and absolutely healthy product.

In one word, biocompatible.

Since 2001, the new headquarters of D.K.Z. (Fiemme 3000 are the identification brand for the biocompatible wooden floors) has been situated in Predazzo, in the heart of Val di Fiemme, about 1.000 above sea level.

It’s a dynamic facility, where the different units can work together in a very functional and harmonious way. In our huge open space, we have organized the warm and welcoming showroom, that opens out to a small and cosy stube (a typical nook), that welcomes people at the entrance of the showroom: here everything smells of wood, from the floors to the roofs, and our guests can see and touch all our essences.

At the ground floor there is the production area, where our people develop all different steps of the manufacturing process: the wide and large warehouses are the place of birth of our products that, from semi-finished, will be gradually worked, then packed and sent.

We decided to follow coherent policy, style and conception and keep on investing in the careful training of our staff, through a rich calendar of targeted education, focused especially on the different protagonists of our production chain: artisans, layers, sellers, all parts of our team and for that reason we want to train together.

Experience, study and passion. Hands, head and heart. A winning team because they work WITH us, not only FOR us.

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