Floors, panelling, wood flooring, laminate flooring

Created by blending pure and natural raw materials. Each square metre of Coem porcelain stoneware is managed entirely in the production plant at Roteglia: from the storage of the raw materials to atomising, from sintering (firing at extremely high temperatures) to scrupulous electronic selection. 

Efforts of Coem are concentrated on the high standard of quality of its products thanks to avant-garde solutions. The new challenge of Coem is important. The objective is a future where the ceramic, rework and enrich, live with a new sense: matter in matter, matter in nature, matter in taste and in the human feeling.


The design of the products is inspired by the nature for our products: colours, softness, reflex, mark, and we transform the matter in new ceramic materials, with high industrial and technological process. The product have high characteristics with the original aspect, thanks to the reproduction of natural stone.

Nature, Stone and Design

The innate harmony of nature creates a natural harmony between man and environment that Coem infusing by a new vitality and power to the stone, in order to design spaces of daily.
Coem’s stones preserve the memory of the past and let themselves be seduced by the present: inspired by colours and surfaces of nature, they retain the charm, beauty and warmth through a process that goes beyond fashion, for finding the value of simplicity, the beautiful and durable objects.


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