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A history of people, growth and development

The history of BOEN is a story of people, loyal and hard-working people with real drive and a love of nature, which dates back to the 17th century. As early as 1641, there were two saws in operation at the BOEN waterfall on the  Topdals river near Kristiansand, in the south of Norway. For over 350 years, the people at BOEN have manufactured timber and in all those years, quality has remained the essential point behind all their labours.

The history of BOEN is also a history of invention and innovation. 

From a mill to a saw mill. From farming to the manufacture of hardwood flooring. Over the centuries, the people at BOEN have invested their time and efforts into moving forward, finding the best solutions, making the best products and at the turn of the centuries, one basic principle has remained at the core of BOEN’s culture and history; respect for nature’s resources. 

The raw materials have always been and remain the key to BOEN’s existence.

During the 1970’s, BOEN began exporting their production concept, and among those interested was Th. Höhns KG GmbH, in Germany. The owners of BOEN took over this company in 1976. The acquisition was strategically important for a number of reasons. 

Together, BOEN and Höhns were able to establish one of the most modern production lines for multi-layer hardwood flooring in Europe. In addition, Mölln had a central location in relation to important ports in Germany and Holland and was close to the central markets of Europe – the road to the world markets was now much closer for BOEN and Höhns products.

The acquisition of Dominga in Lithuania in 1998 allowed BOEN to develop its production operations in an increasingly challenging market. 

BOEN is now international player in the multi-layer hardwood flooring market.

This increased international operation has necessitated the change to an even more streamlined service. In 2003 the BOEN Group has therefore decided to bring all marketing activities under one brand name – BOEN. In addition to production sites in Norway, Lithuania and Germany, BOEN has sales offices in Norway, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, France, Italy and the USA.

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